Estate Planning For LGBT Families

Since Colorado does not currently offer marriage equality legal protections for heads of nontraditional families, same-sex couples in Arvada, Lakewood and the Greater Denver area can benefit from the leadership of experienced estate planning lawyers whose goal is to ensure family members' future financial security.

At Samuel J. Owen, P.C., in Golden, we feel that your alternative lifestyle deserves the same legal support as those received by so-called conventional family units. Our skilled estate and probate attorneys have successfully assisted individuals, couples and family clients with their specific, unique legal needs since 1976.

Do you have specific assets or property in mind that you want transferred to a particular relative or friend during your estate administration? Are you planning for retirement, concerned about asset protection or care for a special needs child or senior loved one?

Whatever your goal, we share it — and are dedicated to your success.

Estate Planning Guidance For Nontraditional Families From Samuel J. Owen, P.C.

Our respected and respectful law firm supplies your LGBT family with the facts and options you need to resolve estate issues such as:

The absence of state laws that specifically protect nontraditional families calls for creativity by an estate and probate attorney, in using existing statutes that can benefit you wherever possible. We listen carefully as you express your wishes and goals, respond with realistic assessments and stay available to your questions and concerns throughout the legal process.

To speak with our estate planning for LGBT families attorney in Denver, contact Samuel J. Owen, P.C., by calling toll free to 888-575-9349 or emailing our law offices in Golden. We look forward to meeting you and working with you.