Oil, Gas And Mineral Estate Planning

If you own oil, gas or mineral rights within or outside Colorado, the skilled assistance of an estate planning lawyer can expedite their inclusion in your revocable living trust — a move that would benefit your loved ones for generations.

The experienced estate and probate attorneys who serve clients in Golden, Arvada and surrounding areas in Colorado — and have since 1976 — can be found at Samuel J. Owen, P.C.

Samuel J. Owen is a lawyer who pursues proactive measures for ensuring your loved ones' future financial security. Joined by associate Melanie J. Stickler, our founder provides sound guidance and solid support for estate planning clients who own oil, gas and mineral rights in our state.

Estate Planning That Ensures Your Colorado Family's Future Financial Security

Our first order of business during your initial consultation is to help you understand the kind of interest you own — whether it is the real estate that contains the deposits or rights to the deposits that may be considered separate from the land in question. Otherwise your interest could be a lease or royalty agreement.

A land owner will have to sign a new deed that transfers its ownership into the name of a revocable living trust. However, if you own the right to the oil, gas or mineral deposits, specifically, or an interest in a lease or royalty agreement, rights must be assigned to the separate interest, then into the name of your revocable living trust.

We examine factors such as how ownership of the rights came to be in your possession, in which case you may need to record an assignment of your rights to your trust or contact the lease or royalty payments company for information on transfer of ownership rights into the revocable living trust.

At Samuel J. Owen, P.C., our experienced oil, gas and mineral estate planning attorneys in Golden offer initial consultations arranged by toll-free call to 888-575-9349 or by email. Contact us to discuss any estate planning goal in detail and in confidence.