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August 2017 Archives

Using a power of attorney

In case they become unexpectedly incapacitated, Colorado residents should have certain provisions in place to ensure that their financial affairs will be properly managed. This entails having a power of attorney as part of their estate plan.

The importance of doing estate planning right

Using an online legal site to create a basic will may be worthwhile for Colorado residents with simple estate planning needs. However, it may not be ideal for those who have complex needs or who don't want to overlook key details. In many cases, an individual pays for an attorney because that person understands what to look for when creating an estate plan.

Why everyone should create an estate plan

For the many Colorado residents who do not own their own home or have a large number of assets, getting an estate plan together may not be their highest priority. However, the real goal of an estate plan is not just to protect assets, but also to ensure that the kids and loved ones are protected and ensure that a person's final wishes are carried out if something should happen.

Benefits of qualified personal residence trusts

Residents of Colorado may be curious about the options available that can prevent a family home from going into probate. Among the many trusts available for estate planning, one type is specifically designed to both reduce the estate's value and provide a partial shield against the gift tax. The qualified person resident trust protects against home appreciation and provides a method for the early transfer of assets to beneficiaries.

There are many reasons to update your will

Having a will is a nice first step towards building out your entire estate plan. It is also a significant milestone because many people feel thwarted by the seemingly immense task of creating a will, which then makes them avoid the task of building out their estate plan altogether. By creating a will, it can motivate people to finish the other steps inherent to creating an estate plan.

Set your family business up for success

You love your family. You want them to be successful. You want to be successful, too. When you work with family, you have both advantages and disadvantages. You already know one another, and probably know how to communicate. On the other hand, it can be difficult to criticize family. It can also be challenging to have a leader amongst relatives. The line between professional and personal can be hard to decipher.

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