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What are advance directives in estate planning?

There are numerous aspects of estate planning you need to consider when you see an attorney to draft the essential documents. According to The Denver Post, some of the most important items to take care of include joint tenancy ownership, beneficiary designation and a business succession plan. 

It is critical you do not overlook anything, especially when it comes to planning the advance directives. "Medical directives" is another phrase used to describe a set of instructions for people to follow should you experience a medical emergency. In your estate planning agreement, there are three primary components you want to include for these directives: 

CPR directives

There is a variety of medical conditions that can cause a person to cease breathing. For a litany of reasons, some may not want to have any CPR methods administered should this ever happen. A directive will inform a doctor whether he or she can perform chest compressions or administer medications. Without this document, a doctor will assume a person consents to CPR when brought to a hospital. 

Medical durable powers of attorney

Different people can have varying powers of attorney. You may want to assign one person in your life to have medical power of attorney over you. That means if you become unable to make those decisions on your own because you lack the mental fortitude, then that person will make choices on your behalf. This also allows people to view your medical history and consult with doctors. 

Living wills

A living will encompasses many aspects of a person's health. Whereas a CPR directive focuses on whether CPR or similar techniques are acceptable, a living will can go into more detail about a wider array of medical procedures. For instance, it can state whether the person wants to receive dialysis. The living will also states whether the person wishes to donate tissues and organs. 

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