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Do You Have Your Will Ready?

At the law office of Samuel J. Owen, P.C., we frequently receive requests for simple wills. We understand the desire to keep things simple. It is human nature. There is nothing wrong with simple — as long as it works. We are all guilty, however, of oversimplifying things: car troubles, health problems, political issues and, of course, estate planning.

With decades of experience on our side, we know how to promptly create straightforward wills and estate plans. We also know that these plans have to be effective and designed to meet your specific goals.

Is A Will Alone Enough?

The answer to this question depends on your estate and, above all, what you want to do with it. A will is one of many available tools. Other tools include: joint tenancy, beneficiary designations, payable on death (POD) accounts, annuities, gifts, family partnerships and the proper use of trusts. Our first step is to listen to our clients and learn about their specific needs.

A client's needs dictate the use of the proper estate planning tools. Only then can we provide guidance on the best approach to your estate plan. It is certainly possible that a will is enough. If that is the case, we will carefully craft that will to our client's specifications and suggest our recommendations for keeping the original will in a safe place where it can be retrieved when needed.

In many cases, particularly in cases involving large estates, a will alone is not going to be the only tool required to meet our client's needs. This is the case even where estate tax savings is not the goal. At the bare minimum, a trust and durable power of attorney may need to be incorporated into our client's plan. More sophisticated tools allow us to achieve more complex goals, and the experience offered by the lawyers at Samuel J. Owen, P.C., means we know when and how to use any and all of the available tools to each client's unique benefit.

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In all estate planning matters, we provide quotes and estimates at the initial meeting so there will be no surprises about the fees involved in achieving your goals. To learn more about how we can help you, call us at 303-271-0222 or send us an email.

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