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Funeral planning as part of an estate plan

Some people in Florida might wonder whether they should include their wishes for funeral arrangements in a will. The advantage of putting this in a will is that it can be enforced. The disadvantage is that reading over the will is generally not the first step people take following the death of a loved one. Once the family finds and reviews the will, the funeral may have already taken place.

Using technology to keep track of estate planning information

The information age has provided Colorado residents with new ways to stay in touch with one another and manage their financial affairs, but tracking down passwords and other login data for myriad banking, social media and email accounts can be an arduous and frustrating experience for friends or family members when a loved one has passed away. Financial planners and estate planning attorneys often recommend keeping track of bank and retirement accounts on what are known as estate document locators, and a number of technology-driven solutions have been released that can help to ensure that this information is complete and accurate.

Estate planning can provide a roadmap for loved ones

Many people in Colorado want to ensure that their loved ones and families will be taken care of after they're gone. With an adequate estate plan, this goal can be achieved. However, many Americans avoid estate planning, often due to confusion about the process or because of the unpleasant topics and emotions that can be stirred by considering one's own mortality. A 2016 survey claims that more than 64 percent of people throughout the country do not have a will.

Common mistakes in creating a living trust

Living trusts may be useful for people in Colorado in a number of ways. With a living trust, assets will not go through probate and will instead be passed directly to beneficiaries or will remain in the trust according to a person's instructions. A successor trustee may be able to manage the trust if a person is incapacitated. A power of attorney may make it easier for the trustee to step into this role.

Consider trusts when making bequests to adult children

As people grow older and go through major life events, these changes can often bring the thought of estate planning to the forefront. By creating a plan for what will happen with one's assets and property after death, a person can help to avoid excessive costs and pain to their family members and other loved ones as well as avoiding expensive probate fees after the fact.

The advantages of disadvantages of probate

Colorado residents who are creating an estate plan might want to think about whether or not they want to try to avoid probate but it is not always a clear cut choice. Probate makes an estate plan public, so someone who is concerned about privacy might want to use beneficiary designations, a living trust and other tools to keep matters private.

Points to consider in creating an estate plan

Some people in Colorado might avoid creating an estate plan because they don't want to address mortality or feel that they don't need a will. However, there are a number of different aspects to estate planning. It's not just about what happens to a person's assets after death. Estate planning also deals with issues such as end-of-life care. An estate plan can help family members by making a testator's wishes clear.

Why business owners need estate plans

Colorado business owners and others throughout the country may benefit from including their companies in their estate plan. For instance, thinking about an estate plan may make it easier to create a succession plan. This may include training a new generation of leaders or creating a manager role that is separate from the new owner. Succession planning may also mean bringing in outsiders to help run the business.

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