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If a senior relative is struggling with diminished mental or physical capacities, naturally you should want to protect him or her from being defrauded financially and neglected or abused, physically and emotionally.

A minor child with special needs deserves the same protection. Colorado law provides family members with options to care for loved ones who are unable to handle routine medical and financial decision-making.

To accomplish these goals, you may want to establish a guardianship or conservatorship — for your family member's benefit and for your own peace of mind.

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Conservatorships and guardianships are useful tools for the handling of the financial and personal matters of incapacitated relatives of all ages.

In a conservatorship, a court-appointed authority oversees a person's business and financial affairs, whereas a guardianship promotes oversight of daily needs such as medical treatment, housing and safety issues.

One person can be named to serve as both guardian and conservator, or divide these responsibilities with someone else.

Your family member could be suffering from diminished mental capacity because of an injury or illness, such as dementia or Alzheimer's. Samuel J. Owen, P.C., can arrange to petition the probate court for you, to assign you the authority you need to protect them.

This process can sometimes be complicated, legally and procedurally, and is not something you should try to accomplish on your own. When the conservatorship or guardianship has been correctly set up, one of our attorneys will inform you of your obligations and duties, and answer any questions you might have about obligations going forward.

Samuel J. Owen, P.C., lawyers can also represent clients for modifications of guardian or conservator authority; senior relatives who feel they do not yet need this legal and lifestyle assistance; clients who want to pursue alternatives to a guardianship or conservatorship; and family members mired in disputes over care of a relative or a particular guardian's fitness to serve in that capacity.

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