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Your Life Insurance Policy Matters In Your Estate Planning Process

Do you want to include a life insurance policy in your Colorado estate planning to further benefit your loved ones during your estate administration?

If so, you need the assistance of a skilled lawyer who knows estate and probate law — and has used that knowledge to improve the lives of individual, couples and family clients throughout Colorado.

In Golden, Lakewood, Arvada and Greater Denver, our experienced estates attorneys at the Samuel J. Owen, P.C., law firm can advise you of ways to incorporate life insurance into estate planning preparation, including the use of a life insurance trust.

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A life insurance trust can be an effective antidote to the reality of increased estate taxes when owning more life insurance.

This trust is created by an individual or the person's spouse. Rather than simply owning the life insurance outright, the life insurance proceeds are received by the trust when the person dies and are not included in the estate.

As previously stated, a life insurance trust can counter increases in estate taxes that result from increasing investment in life insurance. The separate life insurance trust is created to own the additional life insurance. The trust will own the policy — not you — and is therefore excluded from your estate.

Our life insurance attorneys Samuel J. Owen and Melanie J. Stickler in Golden can effectively, confidentially advise on all insurance strategies for your Colorado estate plan as well as arrange to collect it for beneficiaries during your estate administration.

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